Sponsored Breakfast Session

Targeting multiple mechanisms in the treatment of chronic pain

Date:  Thursday 4 September 2014
Time: 7.15am - 8.30am
Speaker: Associate Professor Arun Aggarwal, Clinical Associate Professor of Neurology, Neurophysiology and Rehabilitation / Pain Medicine

What will be covered in the breakfast session?

The treatment of chronic pain can be challenging with multiple causative mechanisms potentially contributing to its development. As chronic pain often involves more than one pain mechanism, determining the appropriate pharmacological agent can be complex with the pain unlikely to be sufficiently controlled by a single drug. 

For this reason chronic pain may often be treated by combining several analgesic agents however such combinations can potentially increase the risk of adverse events and drug-drug interactions. 

This session will review the evidence for the need to target multiple pain mechanisms in effective management of chronic pain and available therapeutic options.

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