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Ipsen Award for Best Trainee Presentation on Neurological Rehabilitation

This award, first awarded in 2008, is made possible by a grant from Ipsen Pty Ltd. The award is for the best scientific paper or poster on Neurological Rehabilitation presented by a Trainee (or “new” Fellow) at the Faculty’s Annual Scientific Meeting.

All registered AFRM trainees and ‘graduates/new Fellows’’ in their first year are eligible to be considered for this award.  Oral presentations and poster presentations at the ASM (presented in person or not) are considered.

Scoring System
Each possible entry will have its content, originality and presentation considered.

Selection Panel
At the ASM there are two judges, at least one of whom should be an academic Rehabilitation Physician, who score the presentations. Following the ASM, in consultation with the ASM judges the winner is decided during the next meeting of the Faculty Education Committee (FEC).


The winning paper or poster will be published in the AFRM newsletter in summary form subsequent to the award.