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2017 Australian Pain Society 37th Annual Scientific Meeting

2017 Australian Pain Society 37th Annual Scientific MeetingExpanding Horizons9 - 12 April 2017 | Adelaide Convention Centre, South Australia

Additional Activities

Just in case your conference program isn't packed enough, make sure you leave space to get involved in these additional activities during the meal breaks!

Seeing is Believing

Seeing is Believing is an experimental art and science collaborative project that conveys the illusion of Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS). Through a one-on-one interaction between artist Eugenie Lee and a participant, the interactive performance installation conveys a metaphorical experience of chronic pain by manipulating each participant’s multisensory experience using the latest technologies including Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality and custom designed gloves.

Seeing is Believing is an exercise to demonstrate, contrary to the common belief that pain reflects only the amount of tissue damage, that the brain can still produce perceptions of pain even in the absence of physical injury. It is also an artistic way of externalising an inherently internal experience, so that the audience can experience something of what it is like to have CRPS. It is important to note that this artwork is not designed to give pain to the participant, however it may or may not involve various types of discomfort depending on their individual response.

The installation will be set up within the exhibition and will be open during the Welcome Reception and all meal breaks. Registrations are not required.

For further information on this installation and the artist please click here

Get Active!

Bringing learning to life during the conference breaks!

Come join physiotherapy and psychology students from Adelaide's universities to partake in interactive activities led by the clinical leaders of tomorrow. Designed to give you a refreshing break from your conference schedule, engage in these experimental activities and gain a personal glimpse into treatments that people with pain experience. 


Monday 10 April

Tuesday 11 April

Wednesday 12 April

Morning Tea



Random Skill Learning





Afternoon Tea


Yoga / Stretching


Activities will take place in the exhibition hall, registrations are not required.