27-29 April 2012 | The Westin, Sydney
Spine Society of Australia 23rd Annual Scientific Meeting
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‘eXtreme Lateral Interbody Fusion: Evidence, Results and Review Of Literature’

Date: Friday 27 April 2012

Time: 07.00 - 08.15am

Speaker: Jim A. Youssef, MD - Durango Orthopedic Associates/Spine Colorado, Durango, CO, USA

Summary: Conventional surgical approaches for lumbar fusion, despite long-term clinical efficacy, have been associated with high morbidities that can offset the benefits of intervention.  Approach-related morbidities include vascular complications in anterior lumbar interbody fusion (ALIF), and neural complications in posterior and transforaminal interbody fusion (PLIF & TLIF).

With the introduction of endoscopic and mini-open techniques for anterior column fusion and percutaneous posterior pedicle screw technology, the field of spine surgery has moved decidedly toward lessening approach-related morbidities through the use of minimally invasive techniques. The lateral interbody approach is an example of one of these endoscopic and mini-open techniques. This talk presents the most up to date literature regarding the clinical and radiological outcomes following an XLIF procedure and the use of intra-operative neuromonitoring. 

Current data corroborates and contributes to the existing body of literature describing XLIF outcomes. Procedures are generally performed with short OR times, minimal EBL, and few complications. Patients recover quickly, requiring minimal hospital stay, although transient hip/thigh pain and/or weakness are common. Long-term outcomes are generally favorable, with maintained improvements in patient-reported pain and function scores as well as radiographic parameters, including high rates of fusion.



“Degenerative Scoliosis – An Expert Panel Discussion”

Date: Saturday 28 April 2012

Time: 07.15 - 08.15am

Speaker: Professor Brian Freeman 

Join Professor Brian Freeman and a diverse expert panel to discuss the differing approaches in the surgical treatment of degenerative scoliosis. This session will solely be case discussions.

*Please note breakfast will be served from 07.00am