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 This week on 'A minute with', we meet one of DCC&A's Conference Manager, Alex Robertson

Q: Tell us a little bit about your role at DCC&A

I am a Conference Manager and have been with DCC&A for 9 years. I work part time and, generally speaking, manage 3 conferences a year, mostly with clients I have long standing relationships with.


Q: What attracted you to DCC&A? 

I had always loved the idea of working in events but wanted to make more of an impact on the world and knew that organising the release of a new soft drink, for example, wasn’t going to cut it.

Organising conferences where we get a lot of important people together who spend their time working on making people’s lives better feels like a perfect fit.

The committee’s I work with are made up of people who volunteer their time to put these conferences together. I admire the work they do and the juggle of giving so much of their time to a Society’s ASM.

Q. Share your favourite memory from a conference you have organised.

Adelaide Convention Centre, Adelaide, 2017. The Neuromodulation Society of Australia and New Zealand (NSANZ) were running a 2-day conference on a Saturday – Sunday. On the same Sunday, the Australian Pain Society (APS) began their 4-day ASM. I managed both conferences concurrently and successfully.

I had only been back from my first stint of maternity leave for about 8 months and it felt good working on something so successful that had nothing to do with my role as a new mum.

Also, cuddling a wombat at the World Congress of NeuroRehabilitation in May 2012 in Melbourne!



Q. Have you taken up any hobbies or learned new skills in quarantine?

Sam Wood started running free work out’s when all the schools closed and I became totally hooked. I’m now a 28 by Sam Wood addict, and so are my kids. I walked into my 2 1/2 year olds room the other morning and he was doing push ups in bed.


Q. If you and your colleagues were put on a desert island, what skills would you bring to the group to keep everyone alive?

 I would keep everyone entertained with my hilarious jokes and ability to sing the entire score from The Greatest Showman, Frozen 2 and Les Miserables. It doesn't matter I can't carry a tune right?


 Q. What’s your Friday afternoon song to get you excited for the weekend

Hanson: I Was Born – I’ve loved these guys since I was 11, they’re seriously underrated and I will stand by this song even though I know I’ll be made fun of when I share this with my colleagues!

Followed up by ‘Jackie’ by BZ & Joanna. The kids request this 1999 one hit wonder on the way home from day care and it perks us all up.