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DCC&A's Virtual Conference Services

With the global pandemic still bringing challenges to meetings and events, DCC&A has the capability and experience to assist you to run your 2021 meetings in a number of ways.

For information on your face-to-face management and experience please visit our Conference Management and Upcoming Conference pages for more information and also our Testimonial page for firsthand comments from our existing clients.

To meet the needs of our clients in the hybrid and virtual scenarios, DCC&A has developed DCC&A Live Connect. DCC&A Live Connect allows the client to choose the platform and delivery method most suited to their audience, whether hybrid or virtual.  

You can choose the level of online presence at a budget you can afford. It is important to consider the extent of the virtual component. The more of your audience that are virtual the greater the investment in the delivery platform to ensure the best experience for your attendees. DCC&A can discuss this with you and develop the platform which best suits your needs.

Hybrid Meetings

Hybrid meetings is a term widely being used at the moment and it simply means you have both options available, face-to-face and virtual wrapped into one package.

Hybrid is an excellent option when the current situation allows for physical attendance from some target audiences but restrictions or limitation for others. It is also an opportunity to extend the audience to a broader group who may have previously not attended your meeting due to distance, time or competing events.

The physical delivery of content is streamed using the Live Connect platform while the audience and the virtual audience can interact with presenters, panellists and Poster presenters through live Q & A, chat facilities and round table sessions. Exhibitors and sponsors have the ability to interact and engage with attendees through the physical presence or the live chat and meeting service.











Virtual Meetings

In uncertain times it is a comfort to know you can still engage your members and audience with virtual conference and events. These may look quite different to your annual conference, but they are able to provide engagement and education to members and ensure you are providing member benefits.

Content is streamed live or through pre-recorded sessions and can include live Q & A, chat sessions, round table small group discussions, ePoster sessions and presentations as well as networking opportunities and exhibitor engagement.





The benefits of hybrid or virtual:

  • Cost savings on travel and accommodation for international speakers. This can allow you to bring leaders of the field to your conference when in the past it may have been cost prohibitive.
  • Greater accessibility and reach – broadening your audience and potentially strengthening your membership
  • Engagement with an audience who may not usually have the time and ability to attend your meeting due to financial and time constraints.
  • Reduction in cost for those attending – can increase the number attending

“DCC&A has OnAIR Accredited staff who will work with you to develop and deliver the right solution for you. Let us help you to navigate this new opportunity.”

Dianna Crebbin, Founder and Director, DCC&A


DCC&A Live Connect
(Live Connect is our online conference service incorporating OnAir virtual platform)

DC Conferences’ online platform enables you to develop a more flexible program and one with a greater reach and a much longer life span. The interactive virtual conference platform incorporates live stream, pre-recorded and semi-live session options. This provides flexibility to build a program with a number of different formats. 

The online sessions can be recorded to be used as webinars or online content to bring additional benefits to your members. These can be made available post conference in a number of ways extending the value and life of the presentations and broadening the reach of the content. Utilising existing online technology such as Zoom and Twilio, it is easy for attendees to navigate and use the system.

Platform features

Virtual Sessions are streamed live from either pre-recorded content, semi-live content or true live content from the conference venue. It is able to handle multiple concurrent sessions allowing attendees to switch from one to another throughout the session times. 

Engagement and interaction with the attendees is strengthened by the option for live Q & A, live polling and a chat facility. Attendees are also able to type their own notes during sessions and have these emailed directly to them immediately after the session.

Virtual Networking Hub providing a space for attendees to network and exchange contact details. It allows for facilitated groups, social groups and pre-set or arranged groups. 

Exhibitor Marketplace allows attendees to interact with exhibitors with pre-recorded videos, downloadable content, live and pre-scheduled appointments and allows exhibitors to have a pre-defined set of questions to get the most out of the meeting time via lead capture. 

ePosters provides a similar experience as an onsite event with up to 40 virtual attendees in ePoster groups, multiple presenters, private messaging, notes facility and the ability for group chats.

Meeting Hub where attendees can interact by requesting meetings with each other either through a messaging system or video. Attendees can also exchange contact details and send personalised merge documents post meeting.

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