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2019 Australian & New Zealand Spinal Cord Society (ANZSCoS) <br/>Annual Scientific Meeting

2019 Australian & New Zealand Spinal Cord Society (ANZSCoS)
Annual Scientific Meeting 21 - 23 August 2019 | Pullman Melbourne Albert Park

Poster List

Theme: Other
1. Ms Nisha Aravind 
Physiotherapy interventions for increasing muscle strength in people with spinal cord injuries: A systematic review
2. Dr Linda Barclay
Identifying best-practice service delivery for spinal community integration programs         
3. Ms Elizabeth Bye
The reliability of the 13-point manual muscle test in people with spinal cord injury
4. Ms Elizabeth Bye 
A preliminary investigation of the mechanisms by which short-term training increases strength of partially-paralysed muscles of people with spinal cord injury
5. Mrs Jackie Chadwick 
The impact of social determinants of health for people with a spinal cord impairment (SCI)                 
6. Mr Ben Clegg 
Demographic of Victorian spinal cord service pressure injury inpatients
7. Mrs Jacinta Dzioba 
Waiting for spinal cord injury prognosis communication - A case study
8. Dr Gillean Hilton 
Early intervention vocational rehabilitation and employment outcomes for people following spinal cord injury; establishing an Australian and New Zealand dataset
9. Dr Kate Jones 
Staff perspectives regarding spirituality and spiritual care practice: Results of an online survey
10. Dr Da-young Lim 
Relationship between injury severity and electrophysiological changes of PNS in subacute SCI
11. Ms Jane Moon 
Readmissions following Traumatic Spinal Cord Injury in Victoria, Australia 2000-2014
12. Ms Soo Oh 
Current practice trends of oedema management in the hands of people with tetraplegia in Australia
13. Ms Emma Peleg 
An online consumer portal for consumer participation in spinal cord research
14. Mr Paris Purnell 
User experience with VAPRO™ hydrophilic intermittent catheter
15. Mr Paris Purnell 
Assessing UTI management in individuals undergoing intermittent catheterization
16. Mr Paris Purnell 
Emotional impact on everyday life of intermittent catheter users
17. Ms Kylie Wicks 
Transanal irrigation getting it right

Theme: The World We Live In
18. Miss Chloe Bevans
Validation of a clinical prediction rule for ambulation outcome after non-traumatic spinal cord injury
19. Ms Julia Bloom
Plans are useless but planning is indispensable: Consumer perspectives of early vocational rehabilitation after SCI
20. Miss Claire Brennan
The challenges of rehabilitation in a person with morbid obesity and cervical spinal cord injury
21. Mr Md. Shohidul Islam Mridha
Swallowing well-being of person with cervical spinal cord injury during rehabilitation in specialized rehabilitation center
22. A/Prof Peter New
Sexual interest, activities and satisfaction in a community sample of people with spinal cord damage
23. Dr Gerard Weber
A morbidity study in persons attending a metropolitan outpatient spinal injury clinic

Theme: Innovation
24. Dr Johnny Bourke
Using cannabis as a pain management strategy for people with spinal cord injury
25. Dr Priya Chari
Usefulness of novel measurements of basal metabolic rate in clinical care
26. Mrs Debbie Croll
Environmental control units (ECU’S) and home automation: Residents with spinal cord injuries living in a group home increase their independence
27. Miss Ruth Crowe
Increasing access to specialist services through a telehealth spinal outreach service in western Australia
28. Mr Bryn Fittall
Evaluation of wheelchair skills obstacle course
29. Ms Kylie Jones
Quality and skilled support: Specialist workshops in SCI care
30. Dr Gary Krasilovsky
Wireless EMG feedback for motor impairments
31. Ms Sanna Malaeb
Enabling participation in spinal rehabilitation
32. Dr Raymond Onders
Long term experience with diaphragm pacing for traumatic spinal cord injury: Early implantation should be considered
33. Dr Raymond Onders
Diapragm pacing (DP) in non-traumatic spinal cord injured patients with respiratory insufficiency
34. Ms Emma Peleg
Spinal cord research hub (SCORH) one year post launch
35. A/Prof James St John
Designing an app-based platform to promote adherence to activity-based programs for a therapy to repair the injured spinal cord

Theme: Co-Inventing the Wheel
36. Ms Carey Bayliss
Horsing around
37. Dr Priya Chari
Could I have the green whistle please?
38. Mr Salvatore Dema
Peer support enhancing outcomes in person centered approaches
39. Ms Rachel Harper
Most significant change - Introduction of a novel monitoring and evaluation tool to an early intervention vocational rehabilitation service
40. Mrs Kiara Hurt
Many hands needed to solve a pressure problem
41. Mrs Yvette Mair
The quiet room project: Creating a safe place for person centred care in the acute care setting
42. Mrs Jessica Ozumba
Hand in hand – A single case study of using early active rehabilitation protocol for grip reconstruction in tetraplegia
44. Ms Gabby Simpson
The lived experience of neurogenic bladder following spinal cord injury, in hospital and beyond: A pilot investigation
45. Ms Emma Tan
Evaluation of the feasibility and clinical utility of computer assisted robotic devices for upper limb therapy for patients with cervical level spinal cord injuries