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2024 Australian Pain Society 44th Annual Scientific Meeting

2024 Australian Pain Society 44th Annual Scientific Meetingin the IASP Global Year about Sex and Gender Disparities in Pain21 - 24 April 2024 | Darwin Convention Centre, NT

Trainee Session: You can't ask that!

Date: Monday 22 April 2024
Time: 5:30pm - 6:30pm
Cost: $15 per person, includes a drink on arrival

We know sometimes it can be challenging to ask difficult or uncomfortable questions – particularly to people we look up to. But the answers to these questions can sometimes be the most helpful!

We're mixing it up this year and we're keen to help make it easier to ask those difficult questions! Registered delegates will receive a survey in the lead up to the conference where you can submit your ‘curly’ questions.

Here are a couple of examples:

  • What is an early marker/indicator that a co-author is not going to be ethical?
  • What are the "closed" parts of research that are never spoken about?

 Trainee session facilitators will kick things off on the night by posing the most novel questions to the mentors. 

This is sure to break the ice and start some really unique discussions! 

Registrations are required. Already registered? Contact the Conference Secretariat to add a ticket today.

Like the idea? It came from the ABC TV show ‘You Can’t Ask That’.

Trainee Session

Christine Chambers

Dr Christine Chambers
Dalhouse University

James McAuley

Professor James McAuley
University of New South Wales

Louise Sharpe

Professor Louise Sharpe
University of Sydney

Tasha Stanton

A/Professor Tasha Stanton
University of South Australia

Cheryl Stucky

Professor Cheryl Stucky
Medical College of Wisconsin

Nicholas Veldhuis

Dr Nicholas Veldhuis
Monash Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences