7th National Laser & Cosmetic Medicine Conference - 17-18 September 2011 Sydney Convention and Exhibition Centre

Pre Conference Workshop Program Details

RACGP QA and CPD approved program

An intensive pre-conference 3 day theoretical and practical workshop aimed at medical practitioners new to the field of cosmetic medicine. Only suitable for registered doctors.

Date: Wednesday 14 -  Friday 16 September 2011

Venue: Sydney Convention and Exhibition Centre

Registration fee: Early Bird before 15 July 2011 AU $3950; After 15 July 2011 AU $4950

Registrants to this workshop will be entitled to complimentary registration to the Laser and Cosmetic Medicine Conference on Saturday 17 and Sunday 18 September 2011

Approved by the the RACGP QI &CPD Program. The activity ID is 754260. It has been allocated 40 category 1 points
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Preliminary Program (subject to change) 

Wednesday 14th September 2011

Time Speakers Title of presentation
9.00am Dr Sharron Phillipson Introduction
  • The Classification of skin Types and Levels of Photodamage
  • Assessment
  • Dyschromias
  • Wrinkles

What are Skin Peels

  • Classification of Peel Depths
  • Peeling Agents
  • Toxicity

Reversal of Photodamage with Chemical Nonpeel Techniques

  • Sun Avoidance
  • Retinoic Acid
  • Alpha Hydroxy Acids
  • Combination Therapy
  • Other Nonpeel methods

Basic Concepts in Skin Peeling

  • Pharmaceutical considerations
  • Priming
  • Wound healing
  • Regional Peels
  • Repeeling
  • Anaesthesia
  • The difference between facial and Nonfacial skin peels

Patient Information

  • Photographs
  • Checklists
  • Consent Forms
  • Instructions

Jessner Peels

  • Jessners solution
  •  Performing the peel
  • Complications

Glycolic Acid Peels

  • Neutralisation
  • Glycolic acid strength and pH
  • Performing the peel
  • Complications

Trichloroacetic Acid Peels

  • Trichloroacetic Acid Solutions and Basic Pharmacy
  • Performing the peel
  • Nonfacial Peels with Trichloroacetic Acid


  • Tears dripping on the neck
  • Premature peeling
  • Infection
  • Acneform eruptions
  • Ecchymoses
  • Postinflammatory Hyperpigmentation
  • Hypopigmentation
  • Allergic reactions
  • Persistent Erythema
  • Scarring

Patient selection

  • Initial Consultation
  • Treatment Programs
    • Glycolic Acid Peels
    • Jessner Peels
    • Trichloroacetic Acid Peels
10.30-11.00am Morning Tea
1100-12.00pm Dr Lesleigh Brown
Dr Sharron Phillipson
    • Glycolic Acid Peels
    • Jessner Peels
    • Trichloroacetic Acid Peels
12.00-1.00pm Lunch
1.00-3.00pm Dr Lesleigh Brown
Dr Sharron Phillipson
    • Glycolic Acid Peels
    • Jessner Peels
    • Trichloroacetic Acid Peels
3.00-3.30pm Afternoon Tea
3.30-5.00pm Professor Lee Collins

Laser Physics

  • Laser Safety
  • Eye Protection
  • Flammable liquids and gases
  • Smoke Hazard
  • Access and Signage

Thursday 15th September 2011
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Time Speakers Title of presentation
9.00-10.15am Dr Vilma Di Maria Botulinum Toxin A in the Treatment of facial wrinkles
  • Where can Botulinum Toxin A be used?
  • Complications
  • Mechanism of action

 Botulinum Toxin A  in the Treatment of Hyperhidrosis

  • Mechanisma of Action
  • Injection Technique
10.15-10.45am Morning Tea
10.45am-12.00pm Dr Vilma Di Maria

Live Workshops with Hands-On Training on Botulinum Toxin A 

12.00-1.00pm Lunch
1.00-2.15pm Dr Vilma Di Maria

Dermal Fillers

  • Review a dermal fillers available
  • Indications of the face which can be treated effectively with dermal filler
  • Injection technique to treat the different indications of the face
  • Potential Complications
  • Management of Potential Complications
  • Post Treatment Protocols
  • Nasolabial Folds
  • Lip Augmentation
2.15-2.45pm Afternoon Tea
2.45-4.00pm Dr Vilma Di Maria Live Workshops with Hands-On Training with the Hyaluronic Acid Portfolios
  • Dermal Fillers
  • Nasolabial Folds
  • Lip Augmentation
  • Peri-orbital Lines
  • Peri-oral Lines
  • Oral Commissures
  • Scar Revisions (optional)
  • Fines lines and deep wrinkles

Friday 16th September 2011
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Time Speakers Title of presentation
9.00-10.30am Dr Gavin Chan
  • The red Face: diagnosis and laser choices for the best outcomes
  • Vascular Lasers
  • Knowledge of conditions treatable by laser and the appropriate lasers to use
  • Clinical Understanding of Principles/Mode of Action
  • Indications
  • Side Effects and complications
  • Pigmentation Laser
  • Melasma, Age spots, Naevus of Ota
  • Ablative Resurfacing - CO2, Erbium, Fractionation, Plasma,
  • Hyperpigmentation: Outline methodology for the best success
  • Fraxel laser: Skin tightening and sun damage
  • Q Switched Lasers
  • 532, Ruby, Q switch etc, complications
  • Tattoo Removal - different colours, Q switch, Complications
    10.30-11.00am Morning Tea
    11.00-12.30pm Dr Sharron Phillipson
      • Selective Thermolysis
      • Treatment Parameters
      • Intense Pulsed Light
      • Non Ablative Lasers for Skin Rejuvenation
      • IPL Hair Removal
      • Side Effects and complications
      • M 22. New Generation Intense Pulsed Light
      • IPL for Benign Pigmented lesions
      • IPL for Vascular Lesions
      • IPL for Hair REmoval
        12.30-1.30pm Lunch
        1.30-3.00pm Dr Paul Weaver
        Current concepts in the treatmentof venous disease
        Practical Demonstrations
        3.00-3.30pm Afternoon Tea


        Dr Gavin Chan

        Dr Adrian Lim
        Dr Sharron Phillipson
        Dr Lesleigh Brown

        Dr Paul Weaver

        • M22 - IPL
        • Gemini laser
        • Revlite - q-switched laser
        • AcuPulse - fractional CO2 laser
        • Duet - 810 nm laser
        • Varilite - 532nm and 940nm portable but very useful laser.
        • V-Raser - 980nm ("pocket" laser)
        • Zimmer - cooling device

        Demonstration Sclerotherapy, Microsclerotherapy

        *subject to further change 

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