Australian men's shed association | 5th National Conference

A Sustainable Future
Ballarat Lodge & Convention Centre, Ballarat, Vic | 27-29 October 2013

Ballarat Lodge and Convention Centre
Ballarat, Vic | 27-29 October 2013

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Monday 28 October 2013

Concurrent Session 1   |   11.00am - 12.30pm 

Concurrent Session 1.1

Concurrent Session 1.2

Concurrent Session 1.3

Concurrent Session 1.4

A rural shed & why it works

Challenges & solutions – A rapid community shed development

The sheds are not health centres

Men’s shed – Where now?

Mentoring program for an Asperger’s child

Active community solutions within an Aboriginal shed

A rural perspective – Men’s shed in aged care

Our men’s shed – Our spiritual fortress

A shed, a book & lives impacted for good

Men’s shed in aged care

Marketing, fundraising, sustainability

A bluecare men’s shed tailor made for the community

Concurrent Session 2   |   3.30pm - 4.40pm

Concurrent Session 2.1

Concurrent Session 2.2

Concurrent Session 2.3

NSW & SA State Associations*

VIC & TAS State Association*

QLD & WA State Association*

 *These sessions will provide an overview of what is happening in each State and are NOT State Association meetings.

Tuesday 29 October 2013

Concurrent Sesson 3   |   10.40am - 12.10pm

Concurrent Session 3.1

Concurrent Session 3.2

Concurrent Session 3.3

Concurrent Session 3.4

How healthy is your shed?

Spanner in the works? – What we found!

The Gippsland Cluster Muster – It’s all about sharing

Toolbox Talks

AMSA membership & services

Sunraysia men’s shed incorporated

Unique shed activities – ‘Drop in Centre’

Five years on & still going strong

How to suck eggs – Health & well being for the shedder

AMSA ‘How to set up & run a men’s shed’ Manual

Access training - For support services organisations seeking to bring clients to a shed

Influence of social inclusion provided by Men’s Sheds on cardiovascular health & quality of life in men involved

Concurrent Session 4   |   2.00pm - 3.00pm

Concurrent Session 4.1

Concurrent Session 4.2

Concurrent Session 4.3

Concurrent Session 4.4

AMSA ‘SMART’ program workshop

Learning from down-under; Men’s shed in Ireland & Europe

Building a sustainable cluster by sharing the load

The line between

Unique innovation initiatives that add value to the shed & community

Welcome to Kiwi sheds & a National Association

AMSA membership & services The curative powers of humour

Concurrent Session 5   |   3.30pm - 4.30pm

Concurrent Session 5.1

Concurrent Session 5.2

Concurrent Session 5.3

Concurrent Session 5.4

How we started with the intergenerational work and ended up with a shed: The Concord Experience

No table cloth required

A healthy shed – How to run a shed expo

AMSA ‘SMART’ program workshop

Real men do grow & eat vegetables

AMSA ‘How to set up & run a men’s shed’ Manual

Vet-Treks Australia – Mobile Shed

Mental health tools in the 
toolbox - Mental health first aid
training in sheds 




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