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2021 Neuromodulation Society of Australia and New Zealand

2021 Neuromodulation Society of Australia and New Zealand14th Annual Scientific Meeting (NSANZ 2021)14-15 August 2021: Virtual Conference | VIRTUAL

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Nevro Mainstay Medical Saluda Medical
Boston Scientific Medistar  Abbott Medical

All sessions will be available for all registered delegates within the NSANZ 2021 Virtual Portal.

08.00 - 08.40 am AEST, Saturday 14 August 2021 

Long-Term 10kHz Spinal Cord Stimulation in Painful Diabetic Neuropathy: A Randomized Controlled Trial

Join us for the latest results of Nevro’s Painful Diabetic Neuropathy RCT. This exciting 12-month data is being presented for the first time in Australia by primary investigator Dr Erika Petersen. Afterwards, joining us online for a live Q&A will be renowned endocrinologist, Prof. Stephen Twigg, Head of Department of Endocrinology and Medical Head of the Diabetes and Endocrinology Research Laboratories at the Royal Prince Alfred Hospital.

Erika Petersen, MD, FAANS, FACS Department of Neurosurgery,  University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences

Dr. Petersen directs the Section of Functional and Restorative Neurosurgery at UAMS Medical Center. She is a professor in the Department of Neurosurgery at UAMS and program director for the neurosurgery residency. Dr. Petersen is a board certified neurosurgeon whose clinical practice focuses on neuromodulation, treating movement disorders, spasticity, and chronic pain through surgical procedures and stereotactic radiosurgery. Dr. Petersen’s research interests focus on developing new devices, indications, and methods for treating chronic pain using neuromodulation. 

Professor Stephen M. Twigg, MBBS(Hons-I), PhD, FRACP, is a physician-scientist translational researcher in diabetes complications, Kellion Professor of Endocrinology and Stan Clark Chair in Diabetes, in the Sydney Medical School, and Charles Perkins Centre, the University of Sydney; plus Head of Dept of Endocrinology including the Diabetes High Risk Foot Service, and Medical Head of the Diabetes and Endocrinology Research Laboratories, Royal Prince Alfred Hospital, Sydney.

Innovative Neuromodulation Techniques:  Treating CRPS and Focal Pain with Boston Scientific Portfolio

Dr Louis Raso and Dr Neels du Toit will share their experience including clinical insights for lateral SCS in the treatment of CRPS and focal pain.  During Dr Raso’s session he will highlight how lateral placement in conjunction with Boston Scientific’s therapy options provide optimal outcomes for his patients.  Dr Neels du Toit will focus on a few case studies highlighting the success he has experienced in his patient cohort utilising this technique.

Dr Louis Raso, M.D

Jupiter Interventional Pain Management, Jupiter, FL

Dr Louis Raso specializes in Interventional Pain Management and holds board certifications in both Pain Management and Anesthesiology from the American Board of Anesthesiology. He is CEO of Jupiter Interventional Pain Management Corporation. He received his Medical degree in 1985 from Rutgers Medical School and completed his training in Anesthesiology and Pain Management Fellowship at Thomas Jefferson University in Philadelphia.

Since 1993, Dr. Raso has been treating patients for pain, making him one of the first board-certified interventional pain management physicians in the country.  He has published numerous articles and book chapters on Spinal Cord Stimulation and travels internationally speaking on Neuromodulation. 

Dr Neels du Toit, MBChB FACSP FIPP, Sports & Exercise Physician

Interventional Pain Proceduralist

Dr Neels du Toit is a director of the Metro Pain Group, Clayton, Victoria. Metro Pain Group has been at the forefront of interventional pain management for more than 30 years.
He is passionate about movement and believes the restoration of movement is key to treating chronic pain conditions. Dr du Toit performs regular advanced interventional pain management procedures including spinal cord, peripheral and dorsal root ganglion neuromodulation for neuropathic pain conditions. 

3.30 - 4.10 pm AEST, Saturday 14 August 2021

Restorative Neurostimulation for Mechanical Chronic Low Back Pain

We welcome global experts to discuss Restorative Neurostimulation and hear how ReActiv8 Therapy can provide substantial improvements in both pain and function for patients suffering from Mechanical Chronic Low Back Pain, who have previously had limited or no options. Professor Paul Hodges covers the role of Multifidus as the key stabiliser of the lumbar spine, Study PI, Dr Chris Gilligan presents long-term data from our pivotal RCT and Dr Willem Volschenk shares his experience identifying patients for ReActiv8 Therapy. We look forward to this session and welcoming any questions you may have for our speakers.

Prof Paul HodgesDirector, Research and Postgraduate Studies

Prof. & NHMRC Leadership Fellow(L3) (School of Health and Rehabilitation Sciences, University of Queensland) 

Paul is a recognised world leader in movement control, pain and rehabilitation. His unique comprehensive research approach from molecular biology to brain physiology and human function has led to discoveries that have transformed understanding of why people move differently in pain. His innovative research has also led to discoveries of changes in neuromuscular function across a diverse range of conditions from incontinence to breathing disorders. These observations have been translated into effective treatments that have been tested and implemented internationally. 

Dr. Chris GilliganChief, Division of Pain Medicine, Department of Anesthesiology, Perioperative and Pain Medicine (Harvard Brigham & Women’s Hospital)

Assistant Professor of Anesthesia (Harvard Medical School)

Dr. Gilligan's clinical expertise is focused on the treatment of pain related to disorders of the spine. His research focuses on clinical trials of new interventions, devices and medications for the treatment of pain. As the Principal Investigator of the ReActiv8-B RCT, he is an expert in mechanical chronic low back pain associated with multifidus dysfunction. 

Dr Willem VolschenkSupervisor of Training for Pain Medicine (Hunter Pain Specialists)

Dr. Volschenk is the supervisor of training for pain medicine at Hunter Pain Specialists, an accredited training site for the Fellowship of Pain Medicine of the Australian and New Zealand College of Anaesthesia. His special interest is in neuropathic pain conditions and spinal pain. He is involved in continuing research through Genesis Research Services, including drug and device clinical trials in pain medicine. 

Non-Invasive Vagus Nerve Stimulation: An Update for Pain Practitioners

In this session, Dr Peter Staats will discuss  nVNS for the treatment of cluster headache and migraine and give a brief review of nVNS research outcomes for other indications. The session will cover:

  • What is nVNS and gammaCore?
  • Mechanisms of action
  • Cluster headache and Migraine
  • Research outcomes for other indications
  • And conclude with time for questions

Dr Peter Staats (MD MBA) is the Chief Medical Officer and a co-founder of electroCore. He was the founder of the Division of Pain Medicine at Johns Hopkins University, where he was the director for 10 years. Dr Staats is internationally recognized for his work in developing neuromodulation strategies and for implementing minimally invasive procedures for chronic pain.

He has served as President of the Southern Pain Society , the American Society of interventional Pain Physicians ( ASIPP) the North American Neuromodulation Society (NANS) , New Jersey Society of Interventional Pain, chairman of the board of exam for the World Institute of Pain (WIP), and is currently the President of the WIP.  He is also Chief Medical Officer for National Spine and Pain Centers, the largest pain practice in the United States. 


08.00 - 08.40am AEST, Sunday 15 August 2021

Evoke Closed-Loop SCS: A Review of 24-month Outcomes from the  Double-Blind, Randomized EVOKE Study

Just released 24 month data for the Saluda Medical Evoke double blind, randomised study comparing open loop with closed loop SCS.

Dr Lawrence Poree, MD, PhD, MPH, Professor and Director of the Pain Management Neuromodulation Service at the University of California at San Francisco

BREAK BOUNDARIES. TRANSFORM CARE. With Abbott’s NeuroSphereTM Digital Care

Please join us for the inaugural launch in the Australian market of Abbott’s NeuroSphere Digital Care – a connected care management platform offering powerful, intuitive digital health tools that enhance neuromodulation therapy management. Speakers Keith Boettiger (VP of Abbott Neuromodulation), Prof Peter Silburn (Neurologist) and Dr Paul Verrills (Pain Specialist) will discuss the accelerated need for digital health solutions in the current climate, and deep dive into Abbott’s BYOD and Virtual Clinic, which enable physicians to extend patient care beyond your clinic walls with remote programming.

Keith Boettiger is head of Abbott’s neuromodulation division with more than 15 years of experience in the dynamically changing neuromodulation industry.

Professor Peter Silburn graduated from the University of Queensland in 1988. He commenced training in Neurology at Princess Alexandra Hospital, and completed training in Oxford at the Radcliffe Infirmary in 1995. He was subsequently the Clinical Lecturer in Neurology at the University of Oxford, United Kingdom.From Oxford, Professor Silburn went to the Karolinska Institute, Stockholm as a Research Fellow in the Department of Molecular Medicine. Professor Silburn returned to Brisbane in July, 1996 where he commenced in private practice and began his university affiliations. He became a full Professor in Neurobiology at The University of Queensland in 2006. He maintains academic affiliations with Griffith University, Queensland University of Technology and the University of Queensland.

Dr Paul Verrills practices full time interventional pain management and is a Director of Metro Pain Group in Melbourne, Australia. He is a Fellow of the Australasian Faculty of Musculoskeletal Medicine and completed Masters in Pain Medicine under Professor Bogduk, at the University of Newcastle. He was awarded his International Fellowship in Interventional Pain Practice. He was an immediate past President of the Neuromodulation Society of Australia and New Zealand. He is also a member of the International Neuromodulation Society, Australian Pain Society, Spine Intervention Society, World Institute of Pain, The International Association for the Study of Pain, and the Spine Society of Australia.