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Australian Visa Information

All travellers to Australia (other than Australian and New Zealand citizens) are legally required to hold a valid visa. Visas are either issued electronically (ETA) with nothing appearing in the passport, or through application where a sticker is required in the passport (Non-ETA). It is advised to apply for your visa as soon as possible, prior to departure, to ensure adequate processing time. The minimum time frame stated for an Australian visa application is six (6) weeks.

Australian Visa Application Supporting Documentation
Delegates applying for a non-ETA visa may present their paid confirmation letter to an Australian visa office to support their application. No other letters will be issued for this purpose. Being a Congress delegate does not mean you are guaranteed to be granted a visa.

Type of Visa available for travel to Australia when attending a Conference
A Short Validity Business Electronic Travel Authority (ETA) Visa is required.

What is the Short Validity Business ETA?
This is officially known as the 977 visa. The Short Stay Validity Business ETA is appropriate for visits to Australia for business meetings, conventions, conferences or a short term project requiring a high level of skill. Business visas are subject to a condition prohibiting work that could otherwise be undertaken by any Australian citizen or permanent resident. It replaces the visa label or stamp in a passport and removes the need for application forms.

ETAs are issued within seconds of being requested through computer links between the Australian Immigration Department, travel agents, airlines and specialist service providers around the world.

In most cases no fee applies for these visas.

Who can apply for this type of visa?
Applies to individuals from the following countries:

Andorra Iceland Portugal

Austria Ireland           Singapore

Belgium Italy             South Korea

Brunei             Japan           Spain

Canada         Liechtenstein Sweden

Denmark       Luxembourg        Switzerland

Finland           Malaysia             Taiwan (a)

France            Malta             UK (b)

Germany       Monaco            USA

Greece           Netherlands         The Vatican

Hong Kong SAR  Norway          San Marino

(a) Taiwan passport holders can be processed for an ETA only if resident in, and applying, in Taiwan.

(b) UK passport holders whose nationality is British National (Overseas) can be processed for an ETA only if resident in, and applying in, Hong Kong SAR.

How long is the visa valid for?
The ETA, or 977 visa, allows multiple visits (for up to three months for each visit) within 12 months of visa grant.

Application Procedure
You can apply for visas online or through participating airlines and travel agents. In most cases, eligible applicants do not need to go to an Australian mission overseas, in order to apply for an ETA.

When the Department of Immigration and Citizenship's website is accessed, the visa applicant will see the following heading: 'Welcome to the Australian Government's Electronic Travel Authority System'. At the top left hand side of that screen, the visa applicant will see a tab suggesting that they 'Apply for ETA'. The visa applicant should click on that tab and then proceed to lodge their visa application online. When asked to choose the kind of ETA for their needs, they should indicate that they are applying for a Short Validity Business ETA.

Once visa processing is complete, the visa applicant will be provided with a personalised reference number to keep. There will be no visible visa in their passport but their visa will exist electronically, and will be visible when read at passport control on their arrival in Australia.

For more information visit:

Non-Electronic Travel Authority – Non-ETA
This is officially known as the 456 Business (Short Stay) Visitor visa. You can apply for this type of visa by completing the Form 456. This form can be obtained from an Australian mission, or it may be down-loaded from the Department's website: A fee applies for this visa.

This visa can only be applied for outside Australia. When applying for a 456 Business (Short Stay) Visitor visa at an Australian overseas mission, nationals of non-ETA countries will be expected to provide adequate documentation about their background, financial situation and other relevant details as required – regardless of their professional/social status or standing.

What is the 456 Business (Short Stay) Visitor visa?
The 456 Business (Short Stay) Visitor visa is the appropriate visa for individuals who wish to visit Australia to attend a Congress/Conference/event, but do not come from one of the ETA countries listed above.

Who should apply for this type of visa?
If you come from a country not listed in the table above, you are required to apply for this type of visa.

How long is it valid for?
The 456 Business (Short Stay) Visa is valid for up to three months.

Application Procedure
To lodge an application, you must provide the following documentation, along with the completed Form 456:

  • Two recent passport photos
  • The visa application charge payment, or evidence of payment – e.g. bank deposit slip (if it was deposited in the embassy's bank account) or credit card receipt (if it was paid by credit card)
  • A valid passport

Additional information may be requested, and you will be advised by the mission if this is the case.

Where can I find an Australian mission?
For information on locations and contact details of Australian missions, visit the World Index at